Metaverse Weekly Wrap-Up: Apr 16–22

Highlight of the Week: NFTWorlds releases its Roadmap 2.0.

Part 1: Data Report

Metaverse Heatmap

Last week’s Easter didn’t revive any heat in the Metaverse land market. The decline in trading volumes coincided with a drop in prices of land NFT collections.

In the past month, land values in the Metaverse have continued to decline. The Sandbox is a case in point, the average land price dropping from 3.46 ETH to 2.44 ETH in just a month.

Though the market has cooled, metaverse projects are still charging ahead in development. NFTWorlds has been releasing plenty of Alpha since April 19. With announcements of both the upcoming Genesis Avatars collection previews and NFTWorlds’ Roadmap 2.0, user numbers have been on the rise.

The CUBE Extravaganza Land Offering in Somnium Space also pushed the sales volume of land in Somnium Space up to 9 on April 18.

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Part 2: Weekly Events Wrap-up


  • The Apes of Space public mint went live. Mint price = 0.1 ETH.
  • The Sandbox teamed up with Slipknot and Knotfest to create the KNOT VERSE.


  • TSB announced preparations for the LAND Smart Contract Migration to Layer 2.

In the future, LAND will only be able to be bridged from the new smart contract. TSB will automatically force migration of any LANDS not yet updated by April 27.

  • TSB announced plans to engage in a sustainable Metaverse, by:
  1. Switching to Polygon’s Layer 2, in so reducing the carbon footprint of NFTs by up to 99%
  2. Partnering with Offsetra and Nori on carbon offsetting, and
  3. Working with WeForest to assist global reforestation efforts.
  • The SandStorm held its first Metaverse party, running multiple giveaways during the show.


  • AllBright held their MetaSisters Summit in DCL.

The Summit lasted for 2 days from April 20–21.

It consisted of three events:

  1. What Does The Future Hold For NFTs with Avery Akkineni
  2. How To Build A Crypto Community
  3. Women in Web3: Empowerment & Financial Freedom


  • Retail brokerage giant Fidelity Investments launched a Metaverse fund and opened a virtual 8-storey building in DCL, offering financial education — and dancing — to attract young investors.

Visitors can participate in Invest Quest where they can learn about Fidelity Metaverse ETF (FMET). FMET is a fund focused on the development, creation, distribution and sales of service and products centered around the Metaverse.


  • DCL content producer joined the Marketing Matters podcast to talk about the first-ever MVFW.


  • Cryptovoxels and EnterDAO partner up to bring permissionless land renting through LandWorks.

Renting of CV land enables the CV community to:

  1. earn passive income on their land by lending it; or
  2. create experiences and events without the necessity of buying land NFTs long-term

Landowners are charged a default protocol fee of 3%.


  • The CUBE Extravaganza Land Offering.

Somnium Space announced a new Land Offering on OpenSea to run April 18–28. It includes 100 parcels, 10 worlds and 1 exclusive 9-XL Estate.


  • The voice chat and multiplayer apartments of WWWebb went into beta testing.


  • WWWebb announced big news regarding the growing utility of Apartments.
  • WWWebb ran Whitelist giveaways for NFT holders in their Discord server.


  • NFTWorlds updated the World Manager.
  • NFTWorlds launched their client source code.



  • NFTWorlds released some previews of the art for the Genesis Avatars collection.
  • NFTWorlds launched their Roadmap 2.0

In Roadmap 2.0, they will shift their focus toward the following areas:

  1. Removing additional sources of friction for players and providing more tooling for creators to build limitless, crypto enabled, play-to-earn metaverses.
  2. Scaling up player adoption and incentivizing the continued creation of quality metaverses, games, and content.
  3. Stabilizing a unified $WRLD economy across all metaverses built on NFTWorlds.
  • NFTWorlds announced the $WRLD marketplace fee share for Genesis Avatars is being raised from 25% to 50%.

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OneLand is a one-stop financial platform for virtual lands in the Metaverse.

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